Vive le vélo!

With our collections you can enjoy a premium quality, authentic and honest product that respects the nature you enjoy so much while cycling. Or while walking, or while travelling, or while cheering for the professional cyclists along the most picturesque routes of France, Italy,… and of course Belgium.  

After all, Vive le Vélo! is a lifestyle. Anyone interested in the cycling culture, in traveling, in an active lifestyle and in sustainable quality products will find Vive le vélo! products to love and keep.
And that’s not where it ends, we will enjoy the journey together

The Vive le vélo! talkshow with Karl Vannieuwkerke, the initiator of this beautiful story, will continue to be there to keep you updated about the latest cycling news and entertain you with beautiful documentaries. 
The values of our company form the barometer of every decision we take. Like we said, Vive le vélo! is a lifestyle!